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Jazmine James is a reputable mediator and consultant with experience in dispute resolution, communication, and conflict management. Her passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their potential has made her a sought-after professional in various sectors, including small claims cases, probate disputes, business, and non-profits to name a few.

Jazmine graduated in the top of her class at Cedar Hill Collegiate High School and went on to complete her Bachelor's degree in Political Science at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, AR. After spending a few years in the legal field as a paralegal, she developed an interest in alternative dispute resolution. Ultimately, pursuit of this interest led to her earning a Master's of Arts degree in Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University. Her interest in human behavior and the psychology of conflict combined with her legal background led her to pursue a career in mediation, and she immediately began mediating court cases.

In addition to her work as a mediator, Jazmine is also a well-versed consultant, able to provide organizational diagnostics, conflict management coaching, and communication training to organizations. Jazmine shines in managing systems and processes for events and groups and has quickly earned a reputation as a skilled facilitator. Even though she is starting to work with larger organizations and agencies to guide them in resolving complex disputes, she finds joy in working with small businesses and non-profit organizations. She loves to lead them in identifying and resolving different types of conflicts, whether by creating and updating internal systems or improving team dynamics. Her consulting approach is goal-oriented, and she tailors her services to suit the unique needs of each client.

Jazmine's passion for her work and her unwavering commitment to finding creative solutions has earned her the respect and admiration of her clients and peers. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to navigate complex interpersonal relationships have made her a trusted advisor to CEOs, executives, and government officials. She continues to be a rising star in her field, helping individuals and organizations achieve their potential through effective communication and conflict management.

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